CQueue Check In & Queuing System

Kiosk Screenshots

Name Screen

This is the first screen on the kiosk

Check In Systems name screen on Apple iPad kiosk

Date of Birth Screen

Optional screen but DOB is required if included

Use DOB for verification on Apple iPad kiosk

Phone Screen

Optional screen but if included the phone number is required

Collect the patient phone number on Apple iPad kiosk

EMail Screen

Collect an Email Address. This screen is optional and entry is optional

Collect an Email Address at the kiosk

Text Question

Ask any question that requires a text answer

Ask a text question at the kiosk

Choice Screen

Reasons for visit may be customized as needed. There are 16 reasons and 16 subreasons. The subreason screen will follow if there are any subreasons included

Reasons for visit are customizable on the Apple iPad kiosk

Thank You Screen

Used for confirmation and brief instructions

Confirmation to patient that they have been signed in is important

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